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Tips for Healthy Skin and Good Sleep

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Stress can induce symptoms such as depression, anxiety, irritability, a lack of concentration and fluctuations in appetite. Such symptoms then manifest in physical reactions such as insomnia, exhaustion, hypertension, nausea, aches from tense muscles and a lowered immunity to colds and infections. Chronic stress can even lead to serious health concerns such as back problems, migraines, digestives issues, skin conditions, obesity and heart disease. In short, stress can seriously damage your skin and sleep. Here are tips for healthy skin and a good sleep: Enjoy a Good Massage Massages are incredible for many reasons. They can help soothe sore muscles, decrease pressure, increase blood circulation, reliefs pain and peace of mind & body. At The Spa Thing, we can assist you with forgetting about your concerns and issues for a second, permitting you to destress and unwind. Book a Facial Treatment Facial and massage are helpful in activating the nervous system by pressing specific pressure points. This is beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety and in mood uplifting. Drink Plenty of Water  The oldest and best advice for good health and especially for skin is to drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeinated drinks too as they can cause restlessness and may disturb your sleeping cycle. Turn off Those Gadgets Avoid using your phone at the night time when you go to sleep make sure your bedroom is absolutely dark, with no lights or noise at all. Even a small amount of light or sound may reduce the quality of sleep. I hope the above tips help you, for more such blogs and information, Subscribe! at the bottom of our home page by adding your email address.

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