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Delightful Winter Spa Treatments That Will Rejuvenate Your Skin & Body

Delightful Winter Spa Treatments That Will Rejuvenate Your Skin & Body

Hot chocolate, rich pumpkin-spiced coffee and red wine… these are a few of the treats to enjoy during winter. You know what you can enjoy these treats without actually consuming calories. Yes you heard it right!

To rejuvenate your body and for your glowing skin this holiday season, here are 5 delightful winter spa treatments at Spa Nation, ranging from rich chocolate skincare treatments, red exotic wine treatments, coffee scrub to peppermint treatments. SPEARMINT OIL THERAPY

Spearmint oil is said to grant considerable relief from headache, nausea, nervous conditions, flu, fever, congestion, cough, migraines and breathing problems. It uplifts your spirits, grants a cooling effect on your brain, increasing immunity, normalizes the metabolic functions and promotes peaceful sleep.


Invigorate your senses using our aromatic candles, when lit, melts into a warm rich massage oil, natural butter and aroma oil is slathered all over the skin melts your tensions away leaving you with a nourished skin. Book Online


A mood changer, Euphoric. Making chocolate as a main ingredient in this specially formulated oil, has great calming effect, a great antioxidant prevents chronic fatigue, It is anti-ageing and anti-cellulite, a guilt free indulgence. Book Online


Tea tree oil as we call it has the big three antimicrobial properties anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. Treat and indulge your body with a luxurious blend of marine salts, and natural skin soothers leaving you exfoliated, nourished and clean body. Book Online


Arabica coffee scrub has been formulated to minimize appearance of unwanted cellulite that leaves the skin uneven and dimpled. It is natural and has a rich anti-oxidant blend containing Arabica coffee grounds, shea butter, coconut oil amongst other botanicals, that exfoliate and hydrate skin, minimizes cellulite, reduces stretch marks, improves skin's elasticity infused with organic Arabica coffee grounds, cruelty free, vegan and antioxidant-rich scrub totally free of harmful sulphates, parabens, or mineral oils

This year, make sure that you and your loved ones spend your holidays relaxing in Spa Nation. Take care of your health and well-being by enjoying treatments, Book your Appointment Now!

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