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Melting Candle Therapy

In case you're new to the idea of a Melting Candle Therapy, Since candles are as of now hella hot with their gleaming light and heavenly fragrances, Not similar to that hot wax that can burn you ,Melting Candle Therapy melts into a blend of oils that you can use for rubs.

Invigorate your senses using our aromatic candles, when lit, melts into a warm rich massage oil, natural butter and aroma oil is slathered all over the skin melts your tensions away leaving you with a nourished skin.

Melting Candle are made of skin-safe oils Low melting points. Low that the material the flame is made of melts at a lower temperature, which means it is more secure to use on skin since it is not hot as normal light wax. At the point when you light the wick, the warmth dissolves the firm flame into a skin-safe oil.

Massage candles with aromas that are specifically designed to give the best experience. Scents like amber, lemongrass, cedar leaf are intended to foster a warm, peaceful and sensual environment.

"Massage are a great way to increase comfort, relaxation, by keeping your tension away leaving you with a nourished skin"

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