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Have You Tried Four Hand Massage?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The Four-Hands Massage is a medium pressure massage with two therapists working in synchronicity on your body. You experience double the impact and relief as two therapists and four hands working simultaneously. What happens during a Four-Hands Massage? Pamper yourself with a supreme relaxed and pleasurable massage made by two therapists simultaneously. Apart from the deep physical relaxation effect provided by the 4 hands that massage at the same pace, this massage provides a unique mental relaxation. With both hemispheres of the body massaged intensely by two therapists simultaneously, massage is performed with a stronger or softer pressure, complemented by essential oils. Accompanied by the sound of soft music, you will have a complete sensory experience that will lead to a true state of well-being. Benefits of Four-Hands Massage:

  • Your muscles will get more intense treatment.

  • Reduced Stress.

  • Your mind will be able to fully let go and relax.

  • Improve Mental Health.

  • Strengthened Muscles.

  • Better Sleep.

If you have not yet considered Four Hand Massage as a way to get rid of stress and feel rejuvenated, we invite come in and try it. We know you will love it! Ready to give a try? Click here to book your massage at Spa Nation.

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