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De-stress at Spa Nation

Stress For many of us, stress has become a part of everyday life. Unrealistic and sometimes unachievable expectations or deadlines. Cranky work colleagues. Long hours at badly behaved computers. Juggling your work/life balance. Family commitments. Screaming children, traffic jams and bills. Just a few examples of factors we need to confront and overcome on a daily basis.

Stress can induce symptoms such as depression, anxiety, irritability, a lack of concentration and fluctuations in appetite. Such symptoms then manifest in physical reactions such as insomnia, exhaustion, hypertension, nausea, aches from tense muscles and a lowered immunity to colds and infections. Chronic stress can even lead to serious health concerns such as back problems, migraines, digestives issues, skin conditions, obesity and heart disease. In short, stress can seriously damage your health.

So what are the best treatments or therapies to help reduce stress?

Massage Therapy: the calming effect of the human touch

Many studies confirm that the human touch releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps to counteract the stress hormones. Oxytocin is a hormone which increases feelings of trust and enables bonding.

There are endless varieties of massage on offer, from Deep Relaxation to Thai Dry Therapy. The important thing is that you're relaxed and de-stressed at the end. Find out what your local spa offers and decide what you want; massage is such a personal treatment, it has to be your choice. The most common therapy to begin your spa journey is SPA NATION aroma relaxing therapy.

A good option could be a straightforward full-body massage; you can decide how much pressure your tense muscles can bear. Our recommendation would be a Four Hand Massage this massage is an excellent option for people who are pressed for time and want double the relaxation in the duration of a normal 60 min therapy its also popularly known as synchronised therapy or you can also choose our most popular summer therapy Spearmint Oil Therapy -- a massage which uses Spearmint oil is said to grant considerable relief from headache, nausea, nervous conditions, flu, fever, congestion, cough, migraines and breathing problems. It uplifts your spirits, grants a cooling effect on your body & brain.

These two massages are our recommendation of the best de-stress therapy we can suggest for you.

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