Citrus Blend with Honey Face Refresher

Lemon brimming with Vitamin C and Citric acid gives a boost of anti-oxidants that lighten and brighten your complexion. Honey filled with Anti-oxidants reverse the damage and revive your skin to a younger looking complexion.

Combination of honey or lemon is best for glowing skin naturally ,it helps you to clean your impurities from the skin pores. Mix equal quantity of honey and lemon applying it on all over your face and neck.This combination not only helps you to lighten up your skin tone but will also keep your skin glowing.

Some of the health benefits of honey and lemon for face are below -

  • Honey Face Refresher helps in exploiting your skin.

  • It helps in removing facial hair.

  • Honey and lemon face pack is very effective in lightening the skin tone.

  • Honey and lemon face pack can also help to treat acne and pimples.

  • It can also treat blackheads.

  • It removes tanning from your face.

  • Honey and lemon is also effective for treating wounds and insect bites.

  • It is best for treating oily skin and keeps the skin soft and glowing.

  • Honey is the best for natural bleach.

Citrus Blend with Honey Face Refresher that is ideal for treating oily skin and keeps the skin soft and glowing. Initially, you'll settle in with a purify, steam, and extractions, at that point we'll alter your facial to accommodate your essential requirement for either Hydration, Balancing, or Brightening/Anti-Aging.

At last, you'll experience our unique facial, leave you feeling elevated giving you nourished and flawless skin. Book your Appointment Now!

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